The smell of good life

Eyfel Plus is always with you with its natural scent from sea, earth, air to the moon.

Eyfel Plus air freshener with long shelf life

Fantasy Eyfel Plus essential oils for:

  • Youth
  • middle aged
  • adults

From the place of living, the workplace, the travel route to the resort, by scenting the air, it gives freshness, peace and positive energy to your space, and with all the mysterious scents of water, fire and earth, it is in front of you every moment.

Depending on its type, Eyfel Plus air fresheners induce different feelings to people. Some scents have energizing properties and when they breathe, they increase the energy level of people in the environment. For example, among fruit essential oils, strawberry essential oil gives a sense of vitality and reduces fatigue. Deodorants are a category of health products that are available in various types and shapes. From its liquid type to spray, essential oil, and all kinds of soaps, these products scent the environment and eliminate any unpleasant odor. Using Eyfel Plus air freshener at home energizes the environment and the people in the house and makes the environment more pleasant.

Another advantage of Eyfel Plus deodorizing essential oil is helping to have a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. And most importantly, it helps people who suffer from insomnia. Using essential oils with relaxing properties in the sleeping environment can give you a good experience of a sweet and useful sleep.

Eyfel Plast has specially prepared fancy and pleasant essential oils for all the following places in all seasons:

  • Living room (living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.)
  • Workplace (desk and office, meeting room, restrooms, waiting room, etc.)
  • Hotels and restaurants, reception halls, coffee shops, textile and clothing galleries, beauty salons, hypermarkets, confectionery and sweet shops,
  • inside cars, public vehicles, trains, airplanes, hospitals, car showrooms, large commercial showrooms , doctors’ offices, airport lounges, jewelry
  • stores, all commercial and entertainment centers, production workshops, real estate consultants, furniture and home decoration sellers, cosmetics stores.
  • Spa centers and swimming pools, educational and university centers, religious places